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A Total Shopping Experience in Heber-Overgaard


My husband, John, and I are coming into our fifth Christmas shopping season as full timers in Overgaard. NOT that we shop for each other … We only shop for the 52 family members that are on our list! Seriously, over each of the past five years I’ve been able to buy 52 wonderful gifts locally in Heber-Overgaard.


Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a trip to the big city malls with a girlfriend or granddaughter. However, I don’t enjoy the overwhelming number of stores, lack of parking, traffic, and unfriendly people! So, thought I’d share just a few ideas in the hopes that you too, will choose to “Shop Local” this holiday season.


Last year I purchased 30 long sleeved T-shirts from the Chamber for all of the adults; long sleeved, some green, some tan, all advertising this little town our children have been a part of for over 35 years. Good quality—and they all fit! This year I’m thinking some of those same adults may be getting Bobby Stephens Hunt’s book Those Day’s are Gone Forever about Heber’s history, The Monster Reared His Ugly Head by Jim Paxon on the Rodeo Chediski fire, or Government of One by local author Mary Lee Durham.


Those little (obnoxious) galloping horses at the Emporium were a bit hit with the eight little ones at our family reunion this year! Drove their Mom’s crazy but many even went to school for Show & Tell. They also carry bags of rocks. Seriously… kids love them.


Of course, my husband gets gift cards to Ace and True Value every year. We often times discuss the convenience and cost effectiveness of his online shopping and I get it! However, I do many times win  the debate when I remind him of the numbers of our friends and neighbors who would not be employed if everyone only shopped online.


JHDesigners carries some great bags, scarves, costume jewelry and T-shirts. All of my great granddaughters got five T’s each a few years back, the price was sooo right! This year, those little Queens may get tiara’s!


I love shopping at Mary Maude’s for my sisters. Just a fun place to browse, have an ice cream or a great hot dog and find something for those women who need nothing! They have recently added some lovely jewelry.


I love Tin Pan Alley’s bags and antique-looking bathroom gadgets for the 20-something girls…and of course, the little ones don’t care (and Mom’s and Dad’s can hardly tell) that their huge selection of games have been “shared”.


Wildlife Gallery is amazing! Terry’s art work is priceless and very reasonably priced. Just to own something by this award winning artist and taxidermist is very cool! My brother-in-laws loved the sandstone trivets and wine holders we sent them a few years back. Just a stroll through his gallery is so worth the time. And he has added some gorgeous earrings and bracelets! They do close for the winter season, but keep them in mind next summer.


I recently heard about some amazing “Tomato Knives” at Bison Ranch. I will be getting about 11 for all the girls this year. Just have to find the store that carries them.


I love buying books for our little ones. We now have 11 of them under 8 years old. I find the best ones at the Forest Service—educational and very fun publications all about animals. They also have some beautiful charts of bugs, snakes, flowers, trees, etc. that kids love; and T-shirts and sweatshirts, of course.


I stopped in the quilting shop at Bison Ranch the other day and was happy to see the selection of quilts, aprons, bibs, albums, craft items, etc. They are always so gracious to stop whatever they’re doing and show you a new idea or technique.

At the Red Barn this year I found the best wooden puzzles with animals for the little ones, and some great learning puzzles for the preschool kids. Price? $3 each on sale – marked down from $12. YES! Although they are closed now except for Pretty Pooch, be sure and check the vendors out next year. It’s another fun place to browse! (Pretty Pooch does have lots of fun gifts for pet owners.)


Almost everyone in my Ohio family loves gift cards from DQ and Subway! Who doesn’t indulge on occasion?


I received some Lucinda’s Old Fashioned Toffee last year that I would love to give as gifts as it was delicious! It’s made by Cindy Sietz-Krug here in Heber-Overgaard. You can order yours online at http://www.lucindasoldfashionedtoffee.com.


The Community Center is having their annual Christmas Bazaar this year – not a flea market, but a shopping experience – where locals share their wares with locals! There will be homemade crafts, arts, and Mary Kay, of course! Please support this organization that supports so many in our community.


The stores mentioned here are just the ones where I’ve been, but there are many more filled with all kinds of great gifts waiting for you to discover. Shopping in Heber-Overgaard is FUN! Get out of your jammies, throw on some clothes, get off your computers, and go spend some money up here! You’ll be glad you did! When our businesses prosper, they provide jobs, products, services and pay into the tax base which benefits the whole community, making Heber-Overgaard an even better place to live!