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Annual Spelling Bee Held at CAPPS Performing Arts Center

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Pictured from left to right are winners Brooke, Kindsey, Susie, Luke, Kato and Keagan.

Entering the PAC building today January 24th to cover the annual spelling bee is always one of my favorite events I cover all year long. It might seem a little out of control to some as you enter but what I see is an auditorium of lively, well mannered fun group of young people. When it is time to quiet down they do and they are so focused on this event and very supportive of the winners and losers. It would make you proud.


Heber, AZ
Supt. Ron Tenney addresses the spelling bee contestants.Spelli

Ron Tenney was the announcer today and as always makes all events fun but reminding the audience to be respectful of the contestants and asked them to give the contestants a round of applause. There were 16 contestants from 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades. The contestants were:

  •  Fourth Grade – Jonathan Schenamen, Landon McGlamry, Johnny McKeever, Kaleb Porter
  • Fifth Grade – Kindsey Porter, Brooke Taylor, Cort Porter, Amelia Jenson
  • Sixth Grade – Kato Lewis, Keagan Porter, Kardon Porter, Luke Crandell
  • Seventh Grade – Hannah Western, Susie Squire
  • Eighth Grade – Brooke Valdez, America Soto Villa.


Alternates were 4th-Deacon Stewart, Stetson Owens, 5th-Cort Porter, Sunny Woods Mott, 6th-Dillon Ohlson, Morgon Martineau, 7th-Payton Reidhead, Trextan Reidhead, and 8th-Kamryn Franco and Breea Crawford.


As the spelling bee commences there are lots of “shhh’s” in the audience. The contest rounds began with 16 contestants and at round four ended with 10 finalists.


As the contest nears the end the words become more challenging. Some of the words were chimpanzee, reprobate, sinewy, incessant, ricochet and entrepreneurs.


And the winners are 1st Place Brooke Valdez, 2nd Place Kindsey Porter, 3rd Place Susie Squire, 4th Place Luke Crandell. 1st Runner Up Kato Lewis and 2nd Runner Up Keagan Porter.


Mr. Tenney announced the Navajo County Spelling Bee for finals will be February 14th at 2pm at Snow Flake High School. Winners will be awarded with ribbons and cash prizes.  Well done!