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Big Business in a Small Town – Wild Herb Soap Co.

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Carol Howe pauses for a quick photo at her Wild Herb Soap Co.

In my recent search for pure essential oils a friend referred me to the Wild Herb Soap Co. located at the Bison Ranch retail shops. I knew I was in the right place the moment I opened the door. If you are familiar with pure essential oils you can smell the quality immediately. Much to my delight, proprietor, Carol Howe was a fountain of information on just the subjects I was interested in for my own health and wellness. After consulting with Mrs. Howe I left with a bag full of remedies containing essential oils and special formulas she has developed for a variety of cosmetic needs, skin disorders, muscles strains and much more. I am happy to report they all worked and quickly at that. But most important was the education and inspiration I attained from Mrs. Howe to do my own investigating on the many essential oils available for my own personal use in healing, looking and feeling better.

Her story is interesting about how it evolved from her initial interest which was making soap for herself and her family to a retail shop and manufacturing outlet right here in our small town. She tells me the business is open for retail but most sales come from the internet business. The 2009 start up began with her hand-made scented soaps. She wanted natural scents for her soaps and in her search for a natural and healthy ingredient she started with lavender, orange and lemon essential oils to scent her soaps, body scrubs, bath balm and lotions.

She and her husband began selling the soaps at Christmas boutiques and a couple times holding a booth at the Phoenix Home & Garden Show at the convention center. It didn’t take long to build a clientele base and as the business was in its beginning growth period and she was getting more and more requests for product they decided to build a website, the ones offered free on the internet and the business rocketed!

With the sudden success of sales and customer request for more essential oil based products she was inspired to delve into researching all the essential oils. With her stamp of quality promoting pure essential oils being established from the get go, her desire was to seek oils and herbs from sources that are indigenous to that product. Such as the Neem Bush which is grown in India and has the purest qualities because of the climate and soil there. This is what is needed to produce products her company will only accept and put their label on. Wild Herb Soap Co. orders all ingredients worldwide maintaining the purity and integrity they insist upon for their fine line of products.

The Rowe’s had already committed to investing in a life change of more natural foods and less chemicals. So as their personal goal in maintaining a better quality of life evolved so did the business; they now live and help others maintain a healthier lifestyle with their booming business.

As their success was imminent they decided they needed a facility to manufacture the product and operate their business; hence the move to Overgaard. They had spent time here and had friends and loved the four seasons so making Overgaard their new home was an easy choice. They opened their shop at Bison Ranch at the same time and have already expanded the store space once in their two years as residents and business owners.

If you are wondering about the quality of essential oils you might have purchased, here is a simple test she told me about. Take a sheet of white paper, like copy paper from your printer. Put one drop of your oil on the paper and hang dry for 24 hours. If it dries clear it is pure; if it is “slick” it probably was mixed with a carrier oil.

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Gift pack of bath products

Just to name a few of the essential oils and some of their uses Mrs. Howe recommends unrefined Hemp Seed Oil for Acne; Rosemary enhances hair growth and her favorite soap she makes is Juniper Berry; she shampoos her hair with it and recommends it for all your shaving needs as well. They have developed a product called Nature’s Mend formulated for Eczema and Psoriasis and the testimonial before and after pictures are impressive to the eye. We have all seen those horrid commercials on TV.

As most of their marketing is done on line, congratulations are in order for recently being invited to Amazon. Amazon is ‘invitation only’ so this only speaks for their continued success and quality product line.

So if you are thinking of changing your paradigm and moving into a more healthy choice of health and wellness this just might be a good place to start.

Wishing you best in your success and growth Wild Herb Soap Co. for the coming New Year!