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Board of Supervisors approves first round of recommended budget cuts


Holbrook, AZ – In an effort to create a balanced budget in the face of potentially catastrophic revenue challenges, the Navajo County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the closure of Navajo County’s Juvenile Detention Center, as well as the discontinuation of the Child Support Program.

The termination of these programs will go into effect by July 1st, saving Navajo County approximately $800,000 each year.
“We are faced with extremely difficult and unique budget challenges,” Assistant County Manager Bryan Layton said. “Eliminating juvenile detention and child support is not an easy decision, but it isn’t an unprecedented one either. There are currently four other Arizona counties who contract with neighboring counties to house juvenile offenders, and Child Support is actually the responsibility of the State Attorney General’s Office and is not a mandated service for Navajo County.”
The Board of Supervisors heard from members of the public and had a brief discussion before upholding staff recommendations by a vote of 4-1 (unanimous vote for the discontinuation of Child Support).

“We understand the fear and concern associated with decisions like this, and we empathize with those who can’t see why this is needed now,” Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Jesse Thompson said. “However, our job as County Supervisors is to make difficult decisions that will best serve the residents and the future of Navajo County. That is what we believe we have done today.”