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Dominion Group Properties Serving Those In Need

Heber Overgaard AZ
Charity Chili Cook-Off

“I heard there were kids who were going to bed hungry,” stated a Realtor at Dominion Group Properties.  This is what it took for the Dominion team to open their hearts and make a difference. The Dominion Group Properties’ Realtors started with a Holiday Food Drive and Koats For Kids Drive during the holidays through their local real estate office. They soon noticed that there was still a need in the community to serve and they felt the importance of giving back to those in the communities in which they live and work.  So six years ago they started a Charity Chili Cook-off to ameliorate the problem. They charged $25 per chef to share their amazing skills with their neighbors, and $5 per person as recipients of those skills. Every year, since inception, the cook-off has increased its proceeds exponentially for a total six-year cumulative amount – an astounding $6,000 raised. Every dime (60,000 in fact) goes to Our Lady of Assumption United Food Bank. 


Aside from the annual Chili-Cook Off the Agents volunteer their time throughout the year to the Food Bank, one can witness the dedication, hope, love and kindness offered through the distribution of the food boxes to feed those whose need is now. As the United food truck arrives with pallets to share, the Dominion Group Properties Agents and other food bank volunteers with strength, stamina, and a caring heart do all the heavy lifting. The Agents pack the boxes full to the brim, full of nourishment, full of caring, full of love. One can witness the dedication and open hearts while watching them carry the loaded boxes to each car- sometimes in the rain, hail, sleet, snow and wind. One knows in their heart that not only were all the volunteers organizing, packing and carrying food, they were sending well-wishes and love to their neighbors. Gratitude in your own life goes a long way when shared with your fellow citizens. 


This year’s 7th Annual Charity Chili Cook-Off will be held at Bison Ranch on Saturday, July 14th from 9am to 3pm.  Dominion Group Properties is accepting applications for chili cook-off teams as well as vendors.  This is a non-sanctioned and fun filled event for the entire family with all proceeds going to Our Lady of Assumption United Food Bank right here in Heber/Overgaard!  The cost for a team or a vendor tent is $25.00.  If you are interested in a registration packet, please stop by our Dominion Group Properties office at Bison Ranch or contact Carissa Nickols at 928.240.1376 or Carissa@4SeasonsLiving.com.


If you’ve been considering buying or selling, please contact one of our Dominion Group Properties’ Real Estate Professionals at 928.468.3232 or visit us at our Bison Ranch office in Overgaard.  We’d be happy to assist you!  Learn more about us at www.dgp-az.com. We at Dominion Group Properties are Your Rim Country Real Estate Professionals!