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Easter Egg Hunt with the Overgaard Ponderosa Lions Club

Once again the race was on! All ages ranging from two to 12. As I arrived Saturday April 22nd at our Tall Pines Park it was fun seeing all the little ones all over waiting for the ribbons to be cut and the race to begin. Some are so little they seem confused and need much encouragement from their parents. I remember those days with my own child. This is a very popular event in our community every year and the Lions Club is extremely active prepping for this event. Total of  3,000 eggs; yes, that is Three Thousand were boiled at the Senior Center in the course of two days and 7 hours was reported. This is a community event and many thanks go out to many other volunteers. Hickmans donated 3,000 eggs and our Lenore Peeler drove to Buckeye to pick up the eggs. Ace donated 250 bags that were filled with donated candy from Lions at the Fire Station. The Chamber donated Beanie Babies for prizes. Bar-S Foods donated hot dogs; Frank Steinhoff donated the buns; Salvation Army donated water; Mogollon High students donated time and they were “Fantastic” it was reported. The Lions Club is greatly appreciative for all the community help in making this year 2017 Easter Egg Hunt a great success! And Thank You God for the beautiful weather this day!