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Golden Mustang Award—Make A Difference Day

Capps Middle School
Ms. Jill Maner’s 5th Grade Class displaying their wristbands.

Recently at Capps Middle School, Golden Mustang Award held Make A Difference Day. The two 5th grade classrooms participated. Ms. Maner and Ms. Ballesteros called each of their students up to tell them how they each had made a difference in the classroom this year and awarded everyone with a blue wristband that stated: “I MAKE A DIFFERENCE”.

Capps Middle School
Ms. Marti Ballesteros’ 5th Grade Class hugging her with appreciation.

Students heard how much they were appreciated for: helping others to understand a hard concept, worked tirelessly, never gave up, always came to school with a smile on their face, greeted their teacher with a hug each day, continually noticed what their teacher needed help with, treated everyone in the class fairly and showed kindnesses on a daily basis, etc. As you can see from the pictures the kids loved being made to feel special and it was so nice to be acknowledged for something you did almost everyday.



Each student was given an opportunity to carry this concept into the community and share with someone special to them how they made a huge difference in their lives. In a few weeks they will return to school with their stories. We can’t wait to hear what happened.