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Heber-Overgaard Family Dollar – Takes on new interior look! 

Heber, Overgaard, AZ
New Cashier stations are part of the remodel at the Heber Overgaard Family Dollar Remodel.

If you haven’t already shopped at the newly remodeled Family Dollar, put it on your list of things to do this week. It has been totally re-arranged with more product. You will see extended lines of frozen foods in the newly added coolers around the perimeter of the store, many more different soft drink choices, more cheeses and deli lunch meats and more non-food products. This remodel is proof that with professional design a space can be reworked to utilize more room and space for merchandise and give the impression of added on space. There are three cashier spaces now and the carts are loaded inside for our convenience. No more freezing cold handles.

Heber-Overgaard, AZ
Brianna & Louis helped with the grand opening party.

I arrived on Saturday, February 25th for the Grand Opening. I spoke with Briana, the Assistant Manager as she told me about all the fun things they planned for the Grand Opening; and in the same breath she said they wished they would have thought about the early morning hour of 8am and the cold temperatures we have been experiencing.  The ribbon cutting was at 8am, and our fire department arrived early with the fire truck and the ambulance for the kids to see. They had face painting and give-a-ways for the first 50 people and a drawing for gifts boxes to be drawn at 3pm.


I know my Family Dollar list will increase now with the addition of all this newly added merchandise. Maybe our trips to the box stores will be stretched out a little further now.