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Lego’s Robotics Promotional at Capps

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Jaeger Robotics

As I entered the Gym at CAPPS on this nice sunny fall day, Saturday, November 4th, I was a little overwhelmed by all the activity and different groups surrounding their area mat filled with Legos. My daughter was grown and had children of her own before I became aware of the world of Legos! To me they just appeared as the new age building blocks. As I was watching the Jaeger Robotics Team #8995 from our local Mogollon High School, I was soon rescued by Wade Batson. Wade and his lovely wife, Diana, are the Coaches for the Heber-Overgaard team. Wade was very kind and spent time explaining the function of each group as I hurriedly wrote my notes and at the same time wondering how to tell this story.


Today was a demonstration day to help promote interest and start-up of other teams. Wade tells me about a group of local teens known as Jaeger Robotics Team #8995; they were the champions of the World last year, 11th in the World out of 3,300 teams; over Israel, Russia, China and Japan!


To better explain what Robotics is Wade Batson wrote the following run down of the Jaegers Robot Autonomous program; it explains how the robot runs by itself:

The robot uses a smart phone and Java code to control the robot and performing the following tasks:

Using the front facing camera takes a picture of the pictograph that is randomized prior to the match. This pictograph tells the robot where to place the glyph or block into the crypt.

A color sensor that is lowered into position by a servo, reads the color of the “jewel” or ball. The robot then moves to knock off the correct color jewel giving the team 30 points.

The robot drives off the balance stone using the captured pictograph instructions of left, right, or center and places the pre-loaded glyph into the correct column of the crypt giving the team 15 points for the glyph and a 30-point bonus for placing the glyph in the correct column.

Using other sensors like encoders on the motors to make precise forward and reverse movements as well as a gyro to make accurate turns. The robot parks in the designated parking zone and scores an additional 10 points for a total score of 85 points in autonomous.

So now we can understand why our Mogollon High School Jaegers Robotics Team #8995 won the world championship with guidance like Wade Batson and his wife Diana and all the other parents in our community who work and dedicate their time to these students. Wade says; “The recognition has been great but it puts a big target on our backs”.


They even had a new team from Snowflake who have joined the competition, and I loved the pink shirts! Students choose Robotics by choice because they are not doing sports or have conflicting schedules.


Wade tells me the new game parameters was just released in September 2017. This game is called “Relic Recovery”.


On January 13, 2018, they are hosting 15 teams in Heber-Overgaard. They are promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). The qualifying tournament winners will go to Flagstaff for state championship.


Wade tells me they have compiled a complete engineering notebook of designs and that is an impressive body of work of dedicated time.


So off to a new start with a new game for 2018 just announced and Heber-Overgaard is looking good! Wishing all you champions all the best in 2018!