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Lions Club Medical Eye Unit Serving Heber Overgaard

Dr. McPhee conducts and eye exam in the new Lions Mobile Visions Clinic.

On Saturday April 22, 2017, 25 patients had their vision tested by Dr. Thomas McPhee, Ophthalmologist, in Heber Overgaard. But this year was different because of the new and very efficiently designed mobile clinic. It took the Lions Club many years of fund raising to acquire this much needed vehicle for a grand ticket price of $450,000. Gregory King, Coordinator, was very proud to give me the tour of all its special features. Mr. King has been driving the vehicle around the state of Arizona for 38 years now; I am sure he will be greatly missed upon his retirement in a year, when he plans to fish and travel to all of our state Parks.

Gregory King visits with patient in the new roomy waiting area

The clinic has three air conditioning/heating units and two refrigerators; one for drinks and a separate one for medications. It also has a TV for patient education, wider interior and plenty of sitting area. It was manufactured by Quality Vans and Specialty Vehicles and delivered October 2016. They will be serving our community for a second time this year at our Health Fair July 28th and 29th. So no worries if you missed your opportunity this time because you will have another opportunity then. The nominal fee is $40 (which hasn’t changed in 15 years) to have your eyes examined by an ophthalmologist, an M.D., who examines for eye diseases in a more extensive exam. The Lions Club has 30-40 different volunteers. For your information, Dr. Christian Risser from Payson will be here for the July Health Fair. They are sponsored by Arizona Ophthalmologist Society. For questions concerning eye exam questions you can call at 1-877-275-5778 or contact them at arizonalionsvisioncenter.org.


It is always my pleasure to join up with the Overgaard Ponderosa Lions Club. They are always so appreciative of the support Mogollon Rim News provides, and are so much fun to visit with. They do a lot for our community and with such delight. So thank you Jack Chapman, President; Doug Harris, District Officer; Greg King, Coordinator; Lenore Peeler, Director Chairman of Sight & Hearing; Dr. Thomas McPhee, Ophthalmologist; and Rico Reyes, Technician to Dr. McPhee for always being there for us!