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Mogollon Choir Concert “Disney on Stage”


On May 16th the auditorium at the Performing Arts Center was packed with family and friends who came to see their talented children perform. As the curtains were drawn presenting the Mogollon High Choir, the young ladies were all dressed in pretty red dresses and the young men in sparkly red vests. Mrs. Tenney accompanied them on that beautiful grand piano. 


The show’s theme was “Disney on Stage.”  In between acts we were entertained by our very own “Three Stooges” asking for audience participation in a question and answer game of movie theme songs. A few measures from that song were played and the audience had to guess the movie. They were pretty right on with the right answers surprising the ‘stooges’. Remember the TV game ‘Name That Tune’?

Performances that followed the choir were solos, duets and dance numbers that had from a solo dancer to troupes. There were so many fun, animated numbers. 


Tiffany Martineau lead the groups and Melanie Tenney accompanied on piano. The music pieces tonight were challenging, and Tiffany told us this was the most demanding show to date with so many difficult pieces for Melanie to play. Melanie always makes it appear so easy; I think she has some pixie dust in her pocket. These amazing ladies work very hard throughout the year rehearsing and performing with choir and orchestra and are very appreciated by their students.


The scenes and costumes were very creative this year and the hard work was recognized and appreciated tonight with lots of applause.


Tiffany Martineau sadly said goodbye to her Seniors tonight and gave special thanks to Tim Batson for his help and technical skill on lights, and a very special thanks to Encore, “We could not do what we do without you!”


The final number was the full choir singing “I Believe in You and Me” and,  they sang it from their hearts.