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Nellie’s Basket

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Era Harris of the Agave House Chapter of AZ Archaeological Society donated the book Nellie’s Basket to our local library. Paula Grigsby, the new library manager is holding the book. To her left is Maxine Heimerl of both Agave House and a library volunteer and Michaele Grimm, President of the library board.

On May 17, 2017, the Agave House Chapter of Arizona Archaeological Society donated a book to the Rim Community Library entitled “Nellie’s Basket”. Era Harris, Secretary/Treasurer and Maxine Heimerl, member, of the Agave House Chapter presented the book to Paula Grigsby, new Library Manager, and Michaele Grimm, V.P. of the Rim Library board.

Cindy Gresser, Executive Director of Smoki Museum in Prescott, Az., wrote the book and donated a signed copy to the Agave House Chapter at their March 2017 meeting where she was the featured speaker. The book is beautifully written and illustrated, and translated into the Hopi language, and is now available at our local Rim Community Library, for everyone, including adults, to check it out! You will certainly enjoy it! The library is located at 3404 Mustang Drive, Heber, Az. Phone number 928-535-5749.

The children’s book is based on the life of Nellie Qiamalla who lived in a Hopi Village back in 1927. Nellie wanted to help her village by getting a store to open closer to their village. So, she decided to make a very large basket to sell. After working and working on the basket it became so huge that it would not fit through the door of her house without removing the door frame and stones around the frame. Eventually Nellie was able to get it out of her house, sold it for $500 and was able to buy enough supplies to get the store started. Her village was very happy.

Nellie’s Basket

The basket has been abused over the years and has recently been located at a private investor’s home. Cindy, who is trying to raise money to purchase the basket and have it repaired to put on public display, decided to write the book with all proceeds of the sale going toward the basket rescue.

Copies of “Nellie’s Basket” are available for sale for $9.95 at the Smoki Museum in Prescott, AZ., on their website at www.smokimuseum.org or you can call 928-445-1230.
Anyone interested in archaeology is invited to our monthly meeting which is held on the 4th Wednesday of each month (except Nov. and Dec.) at 6:30 pm at the Black Mesa Ranger Station conference room located at 2748 Highway 260, Overgaard, Az. (Across from Mr. Earl’s Pizza and The Cabin). For more information please contact Era Harris at 928-535-5050.