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SENIOR MOMENTS with Orion Steen



Sometimes, the decisions we make regarding our insurance needs when we turn 65 can be difficult.  We’ve taken a look at some of those options in recent columns.  Just understanding Medicare and optional supplemental insurance coverages can be very trying at best.  The information I want to share with you today is much easier to understand.  It’s something nearly everyone needs and it’s easy and inexpensive to obtain.


In fact, I’ve never had anyone apply and be turned down.  It’s guaranteed issue.  It’s a true insurance with no health questions on the application.  It’s issued for ages 18 to 89, so you don’t have to wait until you’re on Medicare to apply and you didn’t miss your one chance if you didn’t apply at age 65.  You’ve probably figured it out by now.  Smile, it’s your dental coverage.


Many people have told me how much they’ve missed the dental plan they had before they retired.  Most people are surprised just how affordable it can be.  The most important question people ask is, “Can I still see my current dentist for services?”  The answer is yes.


I’ve always been surprised that Medicare hasn’t included optional dental services such as exams, checkups, and cleanings.  Now we know that poor oral health is linked with respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.  We try so hard to protect our medical health, see our physician for annual checkups, and regularly take our medication.  I didn’t realize that medical and dental health were so closely tied together.


Great strides have been taken in recent years to provide the public with usable, professional, and affordable dental care.  Years ago, we saw a lot of plans on the market that didn’t meet that criteria.  Either they were sold as group plans through an employer only, or low-cost discount plans that were inexpensive but, paid a very small percentage of benefits. These plans also had you choose from a list of their providers.


Today, we can go to the provider of our choice.  If he or she isn’t on the list of providers, they are given an opportunity to become a provider.  In the meantime, the company reimburses you as if they were on the provider list.  The types of coverage are identical either way.  The benefits are easy to read and understand.  Now there are three different plans to choose from, one for each budget.  All have an annual deductible of $100.00.  Some plans include two cleanings per year.  The maximum annual benefits range from $1000.00 to $2500.00 depending on the plan you choose.  They all have benefits that include basic services such as fillings and x-rays.  They all cover major services such as crowns, bridges, and surgical extractions.


Two of the plans allow you to use up to $200 of your annual benefit every two years for eye services such as eye exams, eye glasses, or contact lenses.  Those same two plans have up to $500 that can be used each year toward hearing services such as exams, hearing aids and repairs.  Both have only a 12 month wait for these additional non-dental services.  These represent a lot of benefits for a relatively small price tag.


The application takes about 10 minutes and the policy is issued within 30 days. It’s just that easy.  I’ve seen a lot of dental plans through the years and this plan and company is one of the very best.  Besides, what price can you place on your oral health and your smile?  Call if we can help.


Orion Steen is a licensed agent and specializes in Medicare supplemental plans.  He has been advising his clients on life and health insurance matters in Arizona for over 45 years.  He can be reached for related questions by E-mail at info@orionsteeninsurance.com, call toll-free 888-846-6891 or cell 623-846-6891.