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There Is A New Church in Town – God’s House of Praise and Worship

Heber overgaard az
From left are pictured Rev. L.D. Sallee, Rev. Mona Sallee and Rev. Daniel Sallee of God House of Praise & Worship

As I drove up to the church doors I received a warm greeting by Daniel, Mona and L.D. Sallee. Daniel and his wife Mona Sallee are Pastors of the church and Daniels father, L.D. Sallee is Associate Pastor. They are currently living in Mesa and will be selling their house soon to move here.

As we all sat down to talk we were greeted by their two Maltese dogs Zoe and Chloe and they jumped into Pastor Sallee’s lap and that is where they remained while we talked. Pastor Sallee comes from a long history of pastors; actually five generations. They offer live music for the church and have quite a set-up of musical instruments. His wife Mona tells me he is also a musician and plays keyboard and sings. Pastor Sallee’s mission is to “restore the church with God’s help”.


Two years ago they drove up here to Heber-Overgaard to visit friends and were encouraged to check out the availability of the vacant church located at 268 Hwy. 277; they did and the rest is history.


Pastor Sallee tells me the church of God’s House of Praise and Worship is a Bible based faith believing church and in his words “Services have been Spirit filled.” He tells me they are here for the community and says, “What went on here in the past is the past.”


Pastor Mona Sallee has had four years of study in ministry and inner healing and offers help to those in need. She exudes a warmth and care that many would respond to in their own personal need for guidance and confidentiality. As she shared her own personal story with me she expressed how we “run from our issues” and inside many of us are broken and needing help; we all have a story.


The building is very large and they have many plans for the future. Their work is cut out for them but they are enthusiastic about the large open spaces available for church functions.


I felt like I made new friends today visiting with this family and I look forward to seeing them again.


On Sundays there is Bible Study at 10 a.m. with the Church service following at 11:00  a.m. They’re located in the old Grace Fellowship church building at 2068 Highway 277 in Overgaard, AZ.