Overgaard, AZ

Agreement On Pine Meadows Golf Course Reached

Binding Agreement Reached Between Hunter Trust and PITS Acquisition Team LLC   Friday May 25, 2018—A binding agreement was reached today between Diane Hunter, of the...



It’s been so good to see the familiar faces of the musicians and our audience again!  Once again, we gather every Tuesday from 1:00...

Real Estate

Interest Rates & Home Sales

Since the beginning of 2018 we have seen an uptick in interest rates which is increasing costs for buyers, in an already tight inventory...


Heber Overgaard, AZ

In the Night Sky…June

This month, in the early evenings, we have both the western and eastern horizon dotted with planets!  And then, there are two more, if...

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Heber, AZ

Combating Fraud-Continued

Last month I covered some of the many fraudulent schemes that criminals use to steal an individual’s identity and/or money.  Since there are so...